Professional Details
My own professional path and personal consciousness was shaped at university in the seventies where in the context of the radicalism of that time and the emerging Human Potential Movement I, like many others, grappled with the classic existential questions. As an emerging social activist I worked in therapeutic communities and founded a charity to house the homeless. I was also active in campaigns against social inequality and prejudice. Following graduation I took up a position as a university research worker exploring the marginal world of skid row using a participant observation methodology, something I wouldn't necessarily recommend to others but a worthwhile and challenging three years culminating in some interesting insights into a genuinely 'self-organising system', one based on human survival.

Following this I spent several years as a specialist mental health social worker during which time I trained as a Gestalt counsellor and set up a private therapy practice for individuals and couples. Having run out of road as a social worker in my early thirties I transitioned into a new career as a management trainer in a highly diverse and innovative organisational development team. This proved to be my training ground to learn about management and leadership development and it was during this time that I began to forge the methodology that I've continued to refine within the successive coaching and OD consultancies I've created between the late-eighties and the present time. The most recent of these was PB Coaching, a leading corporate coaching firm which I founded and ran until acquisition in 2007 and which I continued to lead as managing director until 2010.

Peter Bluckert Consulting, whilst grounded in coaching principles and a psychologically oriented practice also encompasses the broader leadership, team and organisation development agendas that have always formed the bedrock of my work.