If I begin with a description of my professional identity I'd describe myself as a Coach, Leadership Consultant, Workshop Leader and Writer. Others have referred to me as a Corporate Therapist or Organisational Troubleshooter.

First and foremost, I enjoy working with people, whether that's in the one-one situation of coaching or with teams. I also relish the challenge of helping small and large organisations improve and succeed at what they do.

What I've usually found is that change is the root issue. Invariably something needs to change if individuals, working groups or entire companies are to fulfill their potential. So if I had to summarise what my work has always been about - it's helping to facilitate change.

That might sound like a behavioural framework and this is part of it. However I think it's only part of the story. I believe behaviours change as we grow and develop and when our awareness and consciousness is raised. The more important agenda for this work is to grow more personally, socially and strategically aware people capable of leading themselves and others better. This doesn't happen through reading management books though that can help. It doesn't come through exposure to case studies though these can also be instructive. Change comes about through developing the INNER LEADER in order to become a great OUTER LEADER and it requires a commitment to one's own personal and professional growth and development.

This journey is happening anyway. We change through the natural process of moving through our life cycles. It may not always be obvious but it's happening nonetheless.

Some people want to quicken the pace of their personal growth and take a more active role in their own change process. This may be borne out of interest and curiosity; equally it can emanate from uncomfortable questions which have an urgency about them. The issue then can be finding the right place and people to address them with. Usually this means opening oneself up to help and for many of us that's a major challenge. There is often fear associated with deeper exploration and change and this can prove to be an obstacle that stands in the way of taking the journey. If we're not careful we can lose a great deal of valuable time between knowing it's time to do the work on ourselves and actually committing to do it.

Then there's the question of finding people who can be useful to you, people with the skill, knowledge and experience and whom you can trust. Sometimes that process will involve several people over the course of time because our needs change and no one person, consultancy or agency will be equipped to serve them all. Indeed it's probably a better idea to work with a number of professional helpers, be they consultants, coaches or otherwise, to gain the benefits a range of different influences can bring.