Very positive, very structured, opened up the team and highlighted the problems and importance of communication. I was a bit apprehensive at first but the whole event was superb.

Very interesting and useful, brilliant vehicle to take us forward. Lots of barriers broken down, everyone was open and honest, many things were said to each other which I don't think would have been said prior to the process. It opened my eyes.

Absolutely superb. Made a big difference to me and the team. Will make me a better manager. The most important 2 and half days this year.

The work I did with Peter gave me one of those real 'light bulb moments'- the establishment of a 'coaching culture' in an organisation is the key to unlocking potential and the achievement of high performance.

What you have created in the coaching field is equal in standing to what Revans brought to Action Learning. You have taken coaching to another level.

You have a calmness that exudes authority and breadth of experience.

Lots of compassion, playful and fun.

Generous, big-hearted, encouraging and bold.