Core Assumptions and Beliefs
It's helpful to start from what people are doing well
Too often we start from what people need to change and what they're not doing so well. This deficit approach is often demotivating unless we begin from a more positive, optimistic stance. From there we can start to look at what the developmental issues are and identify the next steps the person or team can take to make progress and improve performance.

You can only change what you are aware of
At the heart of all our work is the belief that awareness is ultimately the real change agent. Our job, and our core competence, is to facilitate a deeper level of awareness in the individuals and teams we work with. However, awareness does not automatically lead to change. Other factors come into play such as motivation to change, a vision of what may be possible, regular practice of new behaviours and a cultural context that supports change.

How we feel profoundly affects our performance
When we feel optimistic, hopeful, open and compassionate our relationships flourish at work and in our wider life. Good things tend to follow from this. Living with prolonged stress or stuck in unfinished business typically leaves us feeling exhausted, empty, anxious and depressed. Our perspective on life affects our decision-making and risk-taking and when our world-view shrinks our desire lessens and it impacts negatively on others. This underlines the importance of protecting our energy, and vitality. It requires of us that we regularly address the issue of recovery and renewal if we are to stay healthy, happy and effective.

Leadership is about relationship
Leaders learn leadership from many places including their followers if they have the wisdom and courage to listen and take on board feedback. Similarly followers can learn to lead from supporting good leadership and through having the tough, challenging conversations when important issues need to be addressed. Relational skills are at the heart of effective leadership.

Individual development is vital but will only get you so far
Organisational level transformation requires a resonant and sustainable leadership culture, aligned high-performance teams, strong engagement, a commitment to system-wide learning and improvement and the unlocking of the collective intelligence.