Leadership Renewal
Leadership Renewal CoachingTM - Exclusive, holistic coaching programmes to sustain you and your leadership

There can be little doubt that the demands on senior business leaders have grown in recent years - longer hours, crammed schedules, onerous travel itineraries and higher expectations from a range of stakeholders. Public sector leaders find themselves in an unprecedented situation of managing their organisations through massive change whilst having little or no certainty about their own futures. In these circumstances it can be a real challenge to look after ourselves well. To compound matters further, the very coping strategies that we develop can become part of the problem itself.

During a career in consultancy I have seen many people in this territory and, of course, have been there myself more than once. When people ignore the signs for too long a negative spiral can establish with potentially serious implications for vitality, health, family, and wider relationships. It can also impact on colleagues, team and company culture and ultimately on the well-being and success of the business.

For both personal and business reasons it is therefore essential that leaders stay in the best possible shape physically, mentally and emotionally.

You'll know, deep down, whether the way you're living and working is sustainable or if you need to take some action - take more exercise, go on a vacation or make some other maintenance improvements. And those things may be enough to keep the show on the road for another burst. The problem is that, without making some significant changes in your work-style, you can be back to square one within hardly any time at all.

If you recognise yourself in some of these statements - this may be for you

  • I just have too many roles, responsibilities and priorities
  • I don't want to solve my problem by delegating to my team because they're as overloaded as I am, maybe more
  • Given what's happening in the organisation right now it's just not possible for me to take time off
  • I can't find time
  • I sometimes feel like a prisoner of what I've created
  • Unless I am always driving the ship, keeping momentum and direction, the ship will slow and go off-course
  • I fear that in 10 years I'll say - I lost my life
  • I've been running on empty for a long time now
  • I have some very unhelpful thought patterns like - important people must always be busy
  • My fear of failure just keeps driving me on relentlessly