Leadership and Professional Development Programmes
These programmes are the fourth generation of our deep-dive leadership and practitioner development programmes going back to the 80's. Each generation has built on the last and added new thinking along the way. They have now evolved into some of the most impactful development experiences anywhere in this field.

The goals of our programmes

  • To provide an intensive personal growth and professional development experience
  • To demonstrate a methodology based on principles and values, which invariably leads to a building of community, strong engagement and connection.
  • To offer an alternative model for organisation and leadership, demonstrated through our methodology in practice.

Learning processes on our programmes

Effective leadership and professional development requires a balance of different learning processes. Our programmes combine the following:

Lecture input and group discussion - Powerful ideas and concepts about personal, team and organisation development
Experiential learning - Structured exercises linked to the conceptual material which facilitate and reinforce learning
Practicums - Small group skills-development sessions - The safe place to improve coaching skills with developmental feedback from tutors and colleagues
Small group learning sets - The opportunity in a small group setting to process the ideas and make meaning of the course content
Case studies - Examples of great and not-so-great practice elsewhere
The Encounter Group - Here-and-now learning group focused on awareness-raising, group process and dynamics, and the development of emotional intelligence.
Learning from the course methodology itself - We review how each learning event has been designed and facilitated to gain insights into leadership, how learning takes place, the balance between the strategic and intimate and alternative models of organisation.

Three transformational programmes that can be taken in sequence or as stand-alone learning experiences.

Courage and Spark - Discovering your Inner Leader | a 4-day, deep-dive personal development programme for next-generation leaders. This programme is designed for young professionals who are ready to explore more deeply who they are, their purpose, their strengths and weaknesses, their impact on others and most of all, how they can fulfill their leadership potential.

Be the Change - Authentic Leadership | an intensive 3-day programme for current leaders focusing on resonant and sustainable leadership, impact, influence and presence, performance improvement through breakthrough coaching and incorporating an emotional intelligence assessment/feedback process

The Strategic Use of Coaching | a 3-day programme for current leaders, HR, and learning and development specialists in how to develop high performance senior leadership teams based on the Bluckert Team Coaching process© and how to implement coaching cultures based on the Critchley/Bluckert Coaching Culture model©

Each of these programmes can be adapted to address specific client requirements.

Professional Development

As thought-leaders and pioneers in the coaching and consultancy field we have built a reputation as the coaches to the coaches and as a result have often been the preferred partner in training and supervising the professional development of many advanced practitioners and organisation development consultancies. We remain committed to this work as part of our contribution to raising professional standards and supporting good practice.

The following professional development workshops can be commissioned by client organisations and are offered as open programmes:

The Gestalt Approach to Coaching
3–day advanced coaching workshop for managers, HR, learning and development specialists, coaches and consultants focusing on the Bluckert Gestalt Coaching Framework©, strategic and intimate interactions, working in the here and now using emergent process, practitioner presence and the intentional use of self as instrument of change

Gestalt Organisation Development Programme
3–day introductory or 8–day more advanced programme for managers, HR, consultants and coaches focusing on the theory and practice of OD, working at the different levels of system, evocative and provocative styles of influencing, balancing strategic and intimate interventions, the Bluckert Gestalt Coaching Framework©, You as an Intervenor, and working with resistance.

Developing High Performance Teams
3–day introductory or 8–day more advanced training programme for team coaches and facilitators in how to coach leadership teams towards high performance and develop emotionally intelligent senior teams based on the Bluckert Team Coaching Process©.